Adulting: is weird and here’s why…

1. Is adulting even a word?

It sounds weird, but it just kind of means becoming an adult.


2. Setting up bills is not fun

It’s committing to paying more money from now on, but yet everyone seems to make the setting up process tricky. So, so, many calls to various companies…


3. You have to wear work uniform/office wear

What even is smart casual? At first you feel a bit like a kid in a costume playing dress up. You just have to learn to own it. And if like me you fall over in front of the receptionist after you say morning, you just get up and say ‘Well that’s one way to say morning!’


4. People eat alone

My friend has worked at her job over a year now and still eats alone. In school and university you get used to sitting with other people at lunch. Suddenly you’re thrown into the deep end. And when you’re the 20 something intern as I am, it’s not like the 30-40 year old people you work with want to eat with you. No they probably won’t ask you. Go and meet with your friends instead. Try and network with other interns, go places, go to classes, join clubs. Be brave. Walk up and talk to that person you only met once.


5. Once you get home from work leaving the house feels harder

You’re just more tired really.


6. Hearing about other people’s children you’ve never met, or how pregnant they are is pretty normal conversation

Even how to hoover was one I heard.


7. You get treated differently by family

Now you’re more financially independent, your family treat you differently. There’s less pressure from them as you already got the job sorted. It’s more just like having friends now.


8. You still break stuff and can be stupid

Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you’re smart.


9. Check before you throw out what you thought was cardboard from the microwave

It’s probably the waveguide cover, this is crucial. Yes I did do this. Yes just because I’m now an ‘adult’ doesn’t mean I don’t have stupid moments.


10. Your student friends will think you’re loaded now you’re earning

Alas I have higher bills to pay and a pension to pay into. I am defo not loaded.


11. You will marvel at staff who buy lunches everyday

Seriously is that where their entire salary goes? £4 for a sandwich?!


12. Those chairs that spin won’t seem fun anymore

For once you use them to sit and not spin on.


13. Real friends stay with you. Others drift away

Real friends visit you or understand when you don’t message for ages. They won’t complain that you missed their messages because you were in the office all day. They’ll message you anyway. They won’t make up childish reasons, or hold grudges from ages ago. Chuck out your toxic friends. You’ll feel better for it.


14. You need to get places faster

Students suddenly seem to walk at snails pace and take up the entire pavement.


15. You’ll grow to love adulting

But things take time. It’s a really good feeling being able to know you can pay your own rent and go into your adult job.

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