Dyspraxia and sports

When I was younger I was always the last to be picked for sports. I found throwing and catching really difficult and I'm not a fast runner, so I wasn't that useful for a lot of sports in primary school. Being Dyspraxic for my hand -eye coordination, balance and co-ordination in general I need to... Continue Reading →

Dyspraxia Awareness Week and why it’s important

Hi again all! It's been hectic as I'm still finding a routine with this new job (which I love, I've worked on quite a few projects now!). This week is Dyspraxia Awareness Week (this photo is from The Dyspraxia Foundation and I do not own it!) Dyspraxia affects my everyday life, it affects how I... Continue Reading →

Adulting: The post work flop

You may or may not have experienced the post work flop. This is what I call being so tired that you just want to flop on the sofa and then not leave the house. Once you get home that's kind of it, unless you can motivate yourself, (you have plans, somehow feel like the gym... Continue Reading →

Dyspraxic adulting

Everything is going so quickly. I had to take a pause from blogging to take it all in. I pretty much finished my course, went on holiday, came back, did an interview and got a job. I'm not saying getting a job is easy at all (I'd applied for multiple things by this point). The... Continue Reading →

Dyspraxia Dissertation

I finished my dissertation on Dyspraxia, which is soon to be published in the Term 3 journal for my University. I'm so excited about this! Dyspraxia is something that is under-researched and since I have it myself, I wanted to write about it for my dissertation. In honesty, I was a little scared. This might... Continue Reading →

Performance day: A dyspraxia play

Hey! I'm back! Sorry it's been a while! So much has happened! My play to help raise awareness of Dyspraxia was performed twice. The first showing had pretty much every seat filled, and some even stayed to watch it again! I really enjoyed show day. My friend visited and found it all quite exciting. I... Continue Reading →

Radio ready

Recently I was invited to go on the University's radio station to talk about Dyspraxia and my play. I thought this was an incredible opportunity, because it's a brilliant platform to help raise awareness on Dyspraxia. I'm going to keep the name of the station anonymous, as I'd like to remain anonymous on here. Not... Continue Reading →

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